The Cuthbert’s CD/MMS Advocates

Don & Alexis Cuthbert


I am an autistic scientist, I am a scientist by training. I think & sleep in numbers, patterns and systems. I try to be ruthless with factual information sometimes to the detriment of relationships & friendships. I still suffer from emotional bias, we all do. Some of our most beloved family & friends can fall for some quack treatments. For example I had bad period pains, my mother was in our local shopping centre and happened to pass an advertisement for crystals to put in a ladies underwear to help relieve the symptoms of menstrual pain. I politely declined and stuck to ibuprofen & a hot water bottle. We joke about it now. Some quack remedies like this are harmless, sometimes it can work like a placebo effect for a person or give them comfort in a time of need or horror similar to saying a prayer.

Most quacks I have encountered are incredibly charming and it’s easy to see why some people fall for it. I’m not particularly bothered if a woman chooses to put a crystal down her pants to relieve menstrual cramps. I am bothered when the claim their quackery cures, aids, cancer, malaria and autism.

Being autistic, wanting neurodiversity to be an intrinsic part of the mainstream. To curdle into the hearts & minds of parents of autistic children is a dream. I don’t think wanting this is an emotional bias or value judgement. Its our dignity and human rights, and hey its also backed by science.

When I heard of the use of CD/MMS as a “cure” for Autism it broke my heart. I realised my dream is fractured and needs a lot of sweat, blood, tears and torment to become a reality. CD/MMS chlorine dioxide is a potent form of bleach used in industrial pulp and textile bleaching. The CD protocol is given through enemas and orally, to clear parasites which apparently cause autism. The parasites appear after routine vaccinations and attack the child’s brain causing autism.

I have worked relentlessly with many people for over two years to bring awareness of this abuse to autistic children and adults. Two people along this journey that have stood out to me is Don & Alexis Cuthbert. Husband and wife team.

Alexis and Don run a charity to raise funds for families who have Autistic children. On plain sight its a really worthy cause  The Casey Foundation for the people of Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. Any extra services that can be provided for occupational therapy, speech and educational services for autistic children is always welcome for parents who have no health insurance or who are on huge waiting lists.

Unfortunately Don & Alexis are anti vaccination proponents and believe Autism is caused by vaccines. This has been widely debunked by the scientific community. Alexis has an autistic son who is just out of teen years, Don is the child’s step father. They believe his neurological difference is caused by the vaccinations he received as a baby. Don decided to try Kerri Rivera’s CD protocol and became an ardent follower of Kerri Rivera & Jim Humble – with such loyalty he was made moderator in CD Autism forum and Facebook groups. Don regularly advises parents and openly discusses abuses his step child with this dangerous protocol.


Don Admits to giving enemas to his teenage step son


Don advises you can buy MMS/CD supplies


I think the most horrific thing about all of this is parents of autistic children in Regina will look up local services in their area and find The Casey Foundation. If you have two charming quacks running an organisation who claim to help autistic children, most are left open to be abused.

There is a lot more to know about the Cuthbert’s – from their awards from The Queen to dodgy sales of MMS.  Part 2 I’ll leave until next time. Meanwhile if you are in the Regina area or in Canada please report Don & Alexis for abuse. Report the charity and get onto local services.

If you have further information please login to facebook and contact our page directly. Stop Kerri Rivera and abusive quack treatments or email us directly:

Thank you to everyone who has worked hard on this campaign and for always providing screen shots and information. Your work is much appreciated. Lets stop this, lets work collectively.


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